"Besides saying yes to my now-husband's proposal, hiring Alexis and her team to help us plan our wedding was the best decision I made during the planning process. Her vendor suggestions were spot-on for the kind of wedding we wanted. She helped ease my parents concerns during the whole process and was a great partner when it came to communication with all of our vendors. If I had to do it all over again, I would definitely hire her again in a second!"

~Praggya R.

"Both of us, and our families, were extremely happy with the services provided. Alexis worked on our wedding for almost a year, seemingly full time, and then non-stop during our five day event. I was most impressed with how I felt like I was the only bride Alexis was working for. She always had time for my many questions and concerns and was happy to help with anything I asked her about. I also really appreciated how during the wedding weekend she was able to be so fully in control of many variables and still be very unobtrusive and respectful of my mother's fear of over bearing wedding planners. The other impressive thing was that because we had a destination wedding in another country Alexis had not been to our location until just a few days before the wedding. She was able to dive in and orchestrate the entire wedding as if she had known the island for years. The only problems that happened were taken care of quickly and creatively by Alexis and I only found out about them after the wedding was over. After planning and worrying for a year I was able to be totally relaxed and enjoy every minute of our wedding day. What a treat. I felt like both Alexis and her assistant Brian were incredible managing the weekend of events. With over five venues, 130 people in a foreign country, and battling "Caribbean time" they both did an amazing job. Alexis not only focused on all the wedding details but also helped guests with lost luggage, travel questions, general concerns, transportation and an incredibly difficult ferry situation. I am not sure she had a moment of rest during the entire five days, but she was always relaxed, happy, helpful and there for me."

~Ashley H.

"Thank you so much for everything. The wedding was a success thanks to your management! Everything was 100% on time and that NEVER happens with Indian weddings. Everyone we spoke to said it is the best managed wedding they have ever been to. And everything was beautiful! I will keep in touch!"

~Anjali C.

"Alexis is the BEST! She is a consummate professional. If you have a dream for the perfect event, she is the one. She will execute your ideas and wishes seamlessly. Money well spent. I was extremely happy. The teams' attitude, professionalism, attention to detail, communication, efficiency just to name a few. We were able to enjoy the day without worrying. From start to finish, execution was flawless."

~Marla D., Mother of the Bride

"I live in Denver, CO and got married on Martha's Vineyard and Alexis is based out of Boston! I was nervous, as you can imagine, planning a wedding so far away in unknown territory. Alexis and her team were amazing. They were outstanding with communications throughout the planning process and I never once felt like I wasn't her main priority (even though I know she was dealing with a lot of other brides!). She dealt with all of my vendors in an efficient and professional manner and was always there to give my Mom and I sound, practical advice. She was fun, positive, and professional. I would hire her again in a second and I will miss her!!"

~Carly C.

"We appreciated Alexis' attention to detail, creativity and advice, and helping with making sure everything ran smoothly. It was really reassuring to have Alexis and her assistants with us all day. We did not have to worry about anything and could just enjoy the day!"

~Megan B. & Paul B.

"We absolutely cannot stop telling and re-telling stories from what was certainly our storybook wedding, owing all our thanks to Alexis. It was absolute perfection. Not a single thing was out of order, despite what many people try to "warn" brides about - that "something" is bound to be out of place one way or another. Alexis defies all odds apparently. Absolutely EVERYTHING was exactly as we envisioned (and beyond) and we will never forget how magical our day felt. We were completely blown away by the fact that post-reception, Alexis and her team handled EVERYTHING, from packing up the van with all of our belongings (everything from our laptop which was used for a photo slideshow, to keepsakes we put on display, to our guest book, to extra favors that were left behind, and even leftover food packaged up by the caterer!) to busting out a ladder to cut down paper lanterns that had been installed in the gallery. Not a single detail was overlooked. Being from Chicago and planning an east coast destination wedding, we felt that Alexis's recommendations are superb, and it is very apparent from speaking with several vendors, that she has worked hard to gain a tremendous respect from those involved in the wedding industry in the greater Boston area."

~Amy B. & Nick T.

"First, and probably most important, Alexis and her girls are the elite of the elite when it comes to Rehearsal and full Day of Coordination & Management...all the way up until after the band leaves and guests are trying to take home the centerpieces! She was always two steps behind me, but never intrusive, if I had a question, issue, or concern (and her answer always reassured me). Thank You Alexis, for making my vision reality, it was a pleasure to both work with and get to know you."

~Leila S.

I could not possibly imagine what planning my wedding would have been like without professional help, and Alexis and her team are the best of the best! From the minute I hired her, up through the day of the wedding, she was there every step of the way with her expert advice and creative suggestions. I only had a vision for bits and pieces of the day, and she helped me fill in the blanks and brought it all together perfectly. Alexis and her team operate with the highest level of professionalism, both with clients and vendors. Her recommendations for vendors were fabulous and I didn't have to deal with a single disappointment. Everyone was wonderful and they all really enjoyed working with Alexis and team. The best part about Alexis is that she dealt with all of the little details that you forget to think about (or don't want to think about!), so that I didn't have to take a lot of time out of my really busy schedule. She did everything from read all my contracts, providing me with timelines to stay on track, keeping my parents informed, to giving me fantastic ideas about ways to make my wedding day really unique. She is absolutely worth every penny! Thanks again for making my wedding day perfect!

~Stacy A.

"Throughout the planning stages, Alexis walked us step by step through, literally, hundreds of details that we would have never thought of. She is very organized and professional and is a total perfectionist. She provided us with helpful lists/timelines/website links to everything. Alexis LIVES on her blackberry and works late nights, so we always felt that our questions were answered and that we had her attention whenever. I work in finance, so I'm used to people being prompt and diligent about their tasks and I did not expect it from someone working in the wedding industry. I was pleasantly surprised to find just how intelligent and energetic Alexis is. She has a surprising ability to stay on top of things and a minute attention to detail. Alexis is energetic and excited about the event, but she is not overwhelming and cutesy about it, which we found to be a great relief. She was professional and supportive and, over the course of her pretty long industry experience, has really learned how to walk the fine line of giving us advice while still keeping it 'our day.' Alexis especially invaluable in meetings with vendors, when she was there to make sure we really understand what the vendor is about, what the service is like, what the caveats are. She knows A LOT of people in the industry and has a personal relationship with them. Also, my family is Russian and my husband's are American, and Alexis seems to have a lot of experience with creating an event that has a seamless blending of cultures."

~Yana & Dwight W.

"It was the best party I've ever been to! Day off logistics and coordination was phenomenal. So worth it. I would recommend working with Alexis - the sooner, the better. It was comforting to meet with Alexis up front and realize during that meeting that she was a pro and I didn't have to worry about any more of the details."

~Megan D. & Paul K.

"I am writing you this quick email before I set off on the honeymoon...I just thought it was important for you know right away how wonderful you and your assistants were last night...I really truly have no idea what I would have done without all your help. You really had your hands full the whole day and night with my wedding crowd and bridal party. You guys are unbelievable and I cant even express it enough. If you need any referrals for other brides and grooms to be please send them my way. My father and mother (and sisters, who are very hard to please) were soooo impressed with you and how much you hustled and ran the show, with such class too. You really worked hard all night to make sure everything was running smoothly. We all can't believe that you even started to serve us too, to make sure everyone was happy....that's just great!!! It was like you were everywhere watching over everything at all times. And anything Eric or I needed was retrieved by you or an assistant in one second flat!!!! Well I could go on and on but I need to go on my honeymoon now!!! You are the BEST Alexis... thanks again!! "

~Catherine & Eric B.

"Alexis and Unique Weddings was a huge help for us in planning our wedding. We live in Europe and had only about three months to pull everything together. Alexis pulled together suggested vendors very quickly and we found a venue that worked out wonderfully. She was very quick and flexible in communicating with me (particularly given the time difference with Europe). She even helped put together goody bags for the children we had at the wedding, and she personalized each one of them. I would highly recommend Alexis."

~Deborah & Fabrizio M.

"Here it is the second Wednesday after the wedding and I am just getting a chance to tell you again how pleased we all were with the wedding day festivities, including the guests who have responded by email, telephone and greeting cards. How I wish you could read and hear all their profuse expressions of appreciation. I just HAVE to tell you that I am thanking you for all the vendors you recommended to us for making the day go so smoothly. It was nice to have the email from you awaiting our return home on Tuesday after the wedding. The four of us shall always be grateful to you for your countless efforts over the last eleven months, which, altogether, made the wedding-day-dream come true in every conceivable way. The guests showered us with favorable comments and complements all day about the wedding and about YOU, as well. So many of our friends and family told us that they had NEVER, EVER been to a wedding as perfect as this one. You and your assistants are indeed highly qualified, working together as a team in a most professional way. I just felt so secure and well taken care of! You have such a reassuring, take-charge manner, which every mother of the bride needs on the day of her daughter's marriage, with the many things which need attention. ---- And I didn't have to do anything! Our heartfelt thanks go out to you over and over! You are indeed our friend, as well as our wedding consultant! Sincerely and fondly yours,"

~Barbara J., Mother-of-the-Bride

"Alexis, our wedding coordinator was great day of, she brought two assistants and they made sure the set up of the tent and yard was perfect. I was so far behind on my to do list that my set up list wasn't very specific, I think I wrote "just make it pretty" a bunch of times. So I am sure that was a pain for her to deal with. Everything looked amazing. We had an issue with the caterer that our best man was there when it unfolded and he was impressed on how she handled it, very professional and stood up for Justin and myself. There were a could other things that happened like guests showing up that never RSVP'ed and needing to run out and get me eyelash glue (darn cry baby) and everything was taken care of quickly and matter of factly so I didn't think of them again. I highly recommend Alexis. She is organized and professional, but also very much on your side and wants your wedding to be exactly what you want it be. And she can make it happen."

~Renee P.

"We feel that we got very lucky to have Alexis as our coordinator. She was straightforward and good at communicating. She also helped us decide what would be realistic for our planning given our budget and time frame. Alexis was consistently organized, professional, and fun to work with. I think the most helpful aspect was her ability to keep us to a schedule so that we didn't leave too much until the last minute. She made a daunting process manageable, and actually pretty fun! Despite our crazy schedules and the fact that we had a million other things on our minds at the time. We will heartily recommend Alexis to anyone who will listen and think that she is especially good with people who have busy work schedules, because she is willing to be flexible and do a lot of planning over email. Thank you for making our wedding smooth, fun, and an event we will remember forever!"

~Stephanie & Franklin L.

"Thank you so much for all of your assistance with the wedding. Ger and I now tell everyone that they should have had a wedding coordinator! When we hear someone's engaged, we always recommend you right away!!! You were indispensable throughout the wedding planning process with your communication skills (superb) and your organization (unbelievable!). I couldn't have done it without you!!! And to have you there on the wedding day was a DREAM! Ger and I didn't have to worry about a thing! I had a great time - such a fun day - and you helped us get there! Thank you so much!!!"

~Kim & Gerry B.

"First off I want to say thank you so much for all of your help and always keeping us on track. You have been completely amazing. You were so organized and creative with all that we asked you to do and we loved how everything turned out. We can't wait to recommend you to our friends and co-workers, we want to brag about you to everyone! Thank you so much for all the suggestions, recommendations and guidance. We can't express just how much we appreciated your assistance."

~Caroline O.

"Since we have returned from our honeymoon, our phone has been ringing off the hook with complements of our wedding. We have dozens of friends and family members calling to say that our wedding was the most beautiful that they had ever attended. We know that we owe it all to you. People have been astonished by all the creative details you came up with for our special day. Our parents were thrilled that you were able to help us stick to our budget. But mostly, we were amazed by how smoothly our wedding day itself went. Thank you for being there to be sure that everything was perfect. We cannot thank you enough for your patience, dedication and endless energy! You are so talented and truly made our wedding the beautiful day that is was!"

~Jennifer & Jonathan M.

"Alexis, you and your assistant were truly a pleasure to work with and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about your service as a wedding day coordinator. Since my own wedding in August, several friends have gotten engaged and asked for wedding planning advice. I have told each one that the best decision I made was to hire someone to help me on the day of the wedding. One thing I learned is that no matter how perfectly planned the details are (and I did try!), things inevitably go wrong. Who would have thought that the caterer would lose the seating chart, the clambake band would be late, the company who dropped off the table and chairs would not set them up, it would downpour on my way to the church, my husband would lose the rings, Ipswich weather would set a record high, and my reception place would loose electricity?? Unbelievably, I didn't even know about many of these mishaps until the next day. We and our families were so very glad that you were there to deal with all of the issues so that we could have fun! We had a memorable and magical wedding weekend and are grateful for all of your help along the way."

~Jana & Brian N.

"Alexis was indispensable. She was an essential part of our day. We married in a historic mansion and had to obtain all our vendors on our own. Our type of event required a lot more coordinating and effort on the part of the wedding planner as there was no other staff to assist in the details (don't be fooled the caterer never handles as much of this as they claim). Alexis managed all the details, all the vendors with style and grace. If a problem arose I didn't know about it. Me, my family, the bridal party - none of us were bogged down with questions or issues from any vendors - Alexis handled all of it. This allowed all of us to just have a good time on our wedding day. Alexis had our best interest in mind and kept checking in with us throughout the evening. If I had to do it all over again I would not change a thing."

~Heather & Steve M.

"I would like to tell any bride that having a wedding coordinator is not an option. Just like you have a cake at a wedding, or music at the ceremony, it is necessary to have a coordinator to relieve the stress of the day so the bride and groom AND family can relax and enjoy the day rather than worry about all the details. I can confidently say that this was the best money that I spent on my wedding. It was the wonderful support from Alexis and her assistants that kept my mind free to concentrate on my new husband and all our loving family and guests. Alexis exceeded my expectations. Things would not have turned out the way they did if I did not have her help. Alexis was always very prompt in her response to any questions I had. She gave me some great suggestions and ideas, at the same time never being overbearing or pushy. She understood it was my day and she was there to make sure my plans were implemented as I had designed. I do not even know what would have happened at the ceremony and reception if Alexis did not work so closely with all my vendors. My videographer LOVED Alexis and said she was also very helpful to him. We had a fog machine that had to be coordinated with the first dance, the music that had to be coordinated with the DJ and the belly dancers that had to be coordinated with the right course. And to see Alexis under the table with the fog machine was above and beyond! The venues I selected did not have managers on site so Alexis was in charge of it all! It was because of Alexis's presence that let me relax at the wedding. I knew that she would hold up to her promises and she would take care of any surprises that popped up, which of course she did! Alexis, Thank you so much for the support. Your dedication, knowledge and hard work will always be remembered. We are so thankful you were there to tie all the loose ends together."

~Lisa & Khalid B.

"Since we were planning the wedding from NY, it was great to have Alexis working locally. She knew the right vendors and was flexible in working with us. Alexis' vendor recommendations were all great. She really knows how to match people with the right service and personalities. On the wedding day, Alexis did a was a lot that I thought was above and beyond. A few examples 1) Alexis decorated the programs by embossing them for us, which I thought was lovely and unexpected. 2) At the wedding reception and at the ceremony itself, it really felt like every time I turned around thinking that I needed something, either Alexis or one of her assistants was there. I was truly grateful for that. It was like they could read my mind. 3) My broach broke off my dress twice before I mentioned the problem to Alexis. Once I did, Alexis was great about sewing it back on the dress, and it stayed on the rest of the time. She's got a great way of paying attention to details, keeping on top of a situation, and still always maintaining a calmness that makes you feel calm, too. I originally selected Alexis because she had a broad range of wedding experiences - different cultures, settings and situations. She doesn't do cookie cutter weddings and really helps the couple make it an experience unique to the couple and their background and personalities. She proved to be everything I hoped. Alexis, you really helped make our day one that will be remembered not just by us but also by our families. I think the thing that makes you unique is the diversity of clients you take. I interviewed others whose portfolios made it look like they were doing the same wedding over and over again. I loved that you have done so many weddings of different tastes, styles, religions and cultures. I felt like you helped us put a truly personalized and unique day together for our guests. I feel like you did this by facilitating, guiding and advising us, rather than by telling us what to do, how it should be done, etc. You were never pushy, let us set the agenda, and you were always available when we needed you. You always gently pushed us forward when we slowed down and kept me calm whenever I got a little nervous. Paul is appreciative as well and feels hiring you was the best decision he made. (It was his idea to get help.)"

~Myra L.

"My wedding day was so wonderful, I got many compliments all aspects of the wedding. I was not stressed about the details at all either, I was very comfortable leaving those up to Alexis. Alexis was great throughout the entire planning process, including finding options for vendors and setting up meetings, which was not easy with my schedule. She set aside many weekends when I came into town for vendor and progress meetings. She made planning from out of state much easier!"

~Nicole P

"Thanks for the note, and we absolutely had a blast at Blithewold. We truly appreciate all that you did to make the day and the weekend such a success and memorable event. Your talent and attention to detail showed!"

~ Larry B., Father-of-the-Bride

"My wedding was a wonderful time and seamless. Many people commented that they had never seen a bride and groom enjoy their wedding as much as we did. That was in large part due to Alexis. By nature, I am a perfectionist and like to have control over everything that I'm involved with. Yet because my mother lives out-of-state and I'm in graduate school, I knew I needed help in planning the wedding. This was especially true since the wedding and reception were held at an estate where everything - including tables and chairs - had to be brought in by outside vendors. I was surprised by how easy it was for me to turn many of the details over to Alexis. She too is a perfectionist and does her job extremely well. She works only with the best vendors - caterers, florists, photographers, etc. Many of them have won awards for their work and all speak very highly of her. She was also able to develop a timeline that both fit my hectic lifestyle as a student and enabled me to still have a choice of select vendors. "

~Angela P.

"Thank you for all your help during our planning process while we were overseas. All the vendors you recommended did a fantastic job. We have gotten so many compliments on how smoothly the wedding went off, and it's all thanks to you!"

~Nicole & Will T

"Our sincere thanks for making the wedding a truly special event. Because you cared about every detail from start to finish, the end result was amazing. We are so grateful that we had you as our Wedding Planner, because there are so many details that we were not aware of. Thank you for making this day so memorable."

~Sarah L., Mother-of-the-Bride

Vendor Testimonials

Alexis creates wonderful weddings with a strong focus on client support. No matter what the concern, Alexis is there to take care of it, with patience and reassurance. I have worked with Alexis on several very different weddings and while each one had a very different style, the quality of her work as a planner was consistent throughout each of them.

~GENERATIONS cinemastories

Talented, focused, and organized, Just sit back and relax, it's going to be a perfect day! Alexis keeps the day on track without being overbearing, pushy or bossy. A true ambassador...she is calming and reassuring. she and her team manage to take care of everyone and their needs without overlooking any details. For the day, or for the process, you're in great hands!

~DJ Raffi

I have worked with Alexis several times and was extremely impressed by her attention to detail, the organization and beautiful details of her events and her personable and happy nature. She definitely lives up to the name of her company!!

~ Photography by Linda

We captured some spectacular footage on this wedding. I was most impressed with the tent. And you can quote me on this, In my 25 years of videotaping hundreds of upscale weddings throughout Newport, Boston, Cape Cod and New England, I have never seen a tent so magnificently put together than the Castle Hill tent for Liz and Dave! Wow! Looking forward to more like this!!!

~ Starlite Video

Thank you for all that you do. You and your staff were a delight to work with. I hope we can do many weddings together in the future. You are the best organized wedding consultant\coordinator that I've had the pleasure of working with."

~Custom Catering by Domenic & Anthony

As always...a pleasure to work with you. You are very organized and thoughtful...making our job run smoothly and everything looking great! I hope to continue to work with you on many more weddings.

~Joyce Holland, Stoneblossom